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How to run a small website

web design Setting up a small website for either personal or business purposes doesn’t have to be an exhaustive task. Instead, it can be a great way for you to promote your small business, or share information with the world about yourself and your interests. Whatever you intend your small website to be used for, there are a few things to remember before you can get it up and running. Here are some tips on how to run a small website.

The costs of running a small website

There can be two major costs: monetary charges and your time maintaining the website
The monetary charges for a small website is rather small. The charges involve the domain registration fee and a hosting service.

Domain registration with a service like godaddy costs less than $10 (USD) per year. Search for godaddy coupons before registering and you may be lucky to get the domain even a smaller fee.

Hosting with a shared hosting service will cost you less than $7 per month. Search around a bit deeper and you might get a great hosting service that costs less than $30 per year.
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After you have got the domain and the hosting, the next step is to get someone to design the website and to get your pages on your website. At the moment, the best way to setup a customizable website is to get wordpress installed on your website This way, it becomes easy for your to add your own content without the help of any HTML expert. Most hosting services have a one-click wordpress install feature. Contact your hosting service for any help

For customizing your website, go to fiverr.com and search for a wordpress customization expert. For a very small fee (less than $30) you can get your wordpress website up and running .

That means, for less than $70 you can have a small website up and running. The recurring cost is the domain and hosting charges which is less than $40 per year.

Now the process in detail:

1. Register a domain name

Your domain name will be the unique web address for your small website. You can use an website which specializes in domain services in order to register your new domain address. You will need to select a domain that is easy to remember and eye-catching, and don’t choose a name that could get confused with a competitor or a larger website. You will also need to choose a domain name that reflects the content of your website, as this can improve the search engine optimization of your website, placing it higher in the rankings of several search engines, and hopefully attracting more visitors to your site.

2. Find a hosting package

You will need to find a web hosting package that allows you to run a small website, preferably with email hosting as well so visitors can contact you if they need to. There are many different companies on the market which offer this service, with a number of different plans depending on your particular requirements and the features you need, such as the amount of bandwidth or storage, and whether you will need a secure SSL certification for your website. Think about the costs of running a small website. Many companies will allow you to pay on a monthly basis for hosting and sever costs, although the price will increase if you need to incorporate additional features into the design of your website.

3. Design your website

You will also need to design your website, and one way to do this is to use the services of a content management system, such as WordPress. This can have a number of advantages over a normal HTML site and will provide you with a number of different features, such as a wide range of design templates for the site and widgets you can incorporate into the interface of your website. You will need to decide on how information will be presented on your website. Will you be using large graphics or images? A navigation or menu bar? News items and blog posts? You will need to think about the layout of your website and the best way to utilize the features of a content management system.

4. Advertise your new website

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Once you have designed your website, you will need to attract visitors. You can email friends and family and ask them to spread the word, or make use of social network platforms, where you will be able to promote your website. If you are a small business and are offering an innovate product or are a charity with the aim of helping the local community, consider contacting your local newspaper and ask if they would be able to feature an article about your new endeavor.

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