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Finding a Good Domain Name

domain namesWhen running a business, today one of the most sure-fire ways to generate traffic and income for yourself is through the internet. Thriving with literally billions of users, we have the opportunity to reach people we never would usually with our message and make more money than normal marketing methods could normally achieve.

However, along with the idea of marketing online is finding the right way to get your message across. Naturally, one of the best ways to do that is by having a website of your own. Websites build authority and give your potential clients a chance to read about your business, its intentions and hopes for the future.

Along with building the website, however, you will need to find a relevant and good domain name. Domain names are the actual title of your webpage, where the URL goes. The URL is the bar on your internet browser, where the www part goes. To help with your general SEO efforts and also tie in your website nicely, it’s good to get a relevant domain name.

But how do you know what a good domain is and what is not?

Relevant to the Business

You want to find something that is extremely relevant to the business itself. If you can’t get your company name, perhaps it is taken or too long to tie in properly, then try and get one of your primary keywords in there. Primary keywords are the ones that you want to target the most as they get the most searches, so having the keyword tied up if you can do is a very powerful way to build some instant SEO and trust.

For example, if you were somebody who provides a Plastering service, and you are based in the Los Angeles area, you could go for www.plastererslosangeles.com. This would cover both relevance and effectiveness.

Is it Easy to Remember?

One of the most important parts of the URL is also in the ease of which it can be remembered. Something catchy and something that peaks the interest is good, too. For example, if you provided a tax service, then something like www.taxrelieftoday.com could be something that you would pursue.

Building yourself up is possible even through your URL. When you hand out your business cards and your e-mail marketing campaigns, you want your URL to fit with the business philosophy, as well as something that rolls of the tongue. If you go for something long and hard to recall, it can be difficult for the user to remember what it actually was!

So keep your URL smart, catchy, relevant and to the point. But where do you go about finding the right inspiration?

Where to Search

One of the best ways to get started is to look at your competition, specifically those who are at the top. They must be doing something right, so why not try and find out what the secrets to that success is?

Try and put yourself in the customer’s shoes – what would you be searching for? What would catch your eye? Look for the keywords you would search for if you needed your own service or product. Look at who is doing well in the rankings and look at their domain name?

Unless you are in the most unique and tiny of niches, the URL will be relevant, catchy and interesting. Trying to think of your own spin on these URLs is important, and a good way to spin the name into something that you could use is to make use of the Google Keywords tool.

Type in the keyword your competitors URL would be, and find something which an equally impressive search volume which has its own tone to it. Using both of these methods will help you get some clarity.

Good Combinations & Creativity

If you are struggling still for a little bit of inspiration, another good way to find a dominant URL and domain name is to try some different combinations. For example – what does your service or product solve?

Let’s say you sell a product which will, in ten days, transform the user’s ability to work under pressure at work. You could go for something like www.10dayworkrelief.com you can put yourself in a much more dominant position if you try and answer the problem in the domain name.

Br providing a question or an answer by combining interesting keywords or thinking about how you would have to describe your product or service in a few years, you can come up with some really unique ideas.


GoDaddy and Flippa.com are two of the most dominant locations on the web for finding brilliant, already taken domain names that have two things going for them. They must be doing well as they are worth auctioning, and they will already have a history with search engines.

This means no more nonsense when it comes to trying to get yourself listed and higher up the search rankings – if the domain name was doing well before, it will have a positive rating to begin with, meaning that your efforts can be much easier to make a success of your website.

Not only will you find ripe domain names ready for transformation at these auctions, you will also find some brilliant inspiration. Remember – there are so many ways to go down the domain name route, you can really create a huge list in no time if you try and avoid the “What if?”

Domain names are a big part of your website – make sure you take the time and the patience to actually come up with some unique, relevant and engaging. It could hold massive rewards for your business further down the line.

(photo by ivanpw )