Making an email form for your website

Forms are essential for any website. It allows your visitors to reach you quickly. What happens with most websites is that they just setup a form and forget about it. The prospective customers visit and submit the form. However, because of wrongly setup form, they miss the email and end up losing a valued lead.

dreamweaver form
Here is an article on setting up and email form using DreamWeaver.

Things to remember while setting up your form

  • After setting up your form, test, test and test!. Make sure you are receiving the emails. If you can tweak the script to add more than one email addresses, do that. Even if you miss email in one, you will get it in another.
  • Avoid complicated stuff like CAPTCHA. Save your user who tries to submit the form, from unnecessary troubles.
  • Keep the form simple. Remove any unnecessary fields
  • Use the right type of Fields. There are different types of form fields available. For example, check box, multiple choice, dropdown list etc. Try to avoid having to type the input. For example, for rating from 1 to 5, you can use a rating widget instead of a text box

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