How to design better contact forms

Contact forms are integral part of any website and it is only in your best interest if you try to create contact forms that are well-designed. Contact forms are the best and most convenient way that your customers can contact you or leave their suggestions. The more your visitors use your contact form, the better it is for your business. One way of getting them to use it is by designing it well. Here are some tips as to how you can do that:

design better contact forms

Make your contact forms personal

Visitors who contact you would want to have personal interaction with your or your customer cares services team. Make sure that how you respond to the enquiries on the contact form are done by humans and nota automated robots. This will give your visitors an impression that you are thoughtful and truly interested to be of their assistance. Try to design the contact form in such a way that it’s inviting people to contact you. Some contact forms do look quite intimidating. Make people want to get in touch with you.

Make the contact forms fun

How your contact form looks is a very important factor that will decide whether people will make use of it or not. You have to give significant consideration into choosing the right layout, template and colours that would go in on your contact form. You do not want it to look too boring nor do you want it to look too cluttered and all over the place. Using an HTML contact form generator might help. Try to make your contact form as close to yours or your business’s personality as possible so people would feel encouraged to contact you. Remember that keeping the colours of your contact form too dark might make it difficult for people to read it.

design better contact forms

Try not to ask for too much unnecessary information

Most of us have encountered this kind of contact form at some point or the other. Forms that seem to ask so many questions that gets too frustrating. More often than not, the website does not even provide a reason as to why they require that much information from you. It is therefore ideal that you only ask for the most relevant information from the people who are filling the form. Here is a sample simple email form that asks just enough information. If you need to ask anything that you think might look unnecessary to the visitors, give an explanation as to why you need them to provide the information for you.

Keep the contact form simple and easy to fill

Lastly and just as important a point as the rest, keep your contact forms simple and easy to use. People do not have much time on their hands to navigate through complex contact forms. Keep it straightforward and avoid asking for captcha codes if possible. The point is to convince your visitors that sending you their message through a contact form is a better idea than sending it via e-mail. So make it a simpler, more convenient process as a whole.

Image credits: elemisdesign , Ross George

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